GSoC Week 10: Alpha

This post is part of my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) series to develop a "Pathway Presenter" for WikiPathways. You can find other posts in the series here.

This week has been a week of code quality checks, testing, and minor changes to prepare the Pathway Presenter for an alpha release. We have decided to conduct the release of the Pathway Presenter in three stages. The first of these will be the alpha stage where the tool will remain the same as it is now and will be sent to an internal team to provide feedback. Following this, we will perform a closed beta where the Pathway Presenter will be integrated into the developer version of WikiPathways and reviewed by a wider audience that is still heavily involved in WikiPathways. Pathway Presenter will then be released as an open beta before a production version is made.


One of the more major changes that have occurred this week is the introduction of a user onboarding/walkthrough. This simple guide helps the user understand the UI of the Pathway Presenter and get started as quickly as possible. I used React Joyride to create the guided tour. The user is only shown the walkthrough on their first visit. Once they have completed or skipped it, a cookie is set in their browser to indicate that the tour should not be shown again. Ideally, this information would be persisted to the user's profile in a database so that they do not see the tour again whatever browser or computer they are on. However, this cannot be done until the Pathway Presenter is integrated with WikiPathways.

Pathway Presenter Onboarding Walkthrough


In the third week of this month (August), I will give a Webinar on this work. I will attempt to explain why this tool is needed, how it works, and the impact it has on the WikiPathways & wider biological communities. I will not go into any technical details. If you are interested in this webinar then please send me an email to or tweet me (@jcbwndsr). There is a Doodle poll to decide the best time at the moment and I will invite you to that.

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