GSoC Week 11: Confirmed Webinar & Final Testing

First off, apologies for the delay in writing this post. There haven't been any exciting new features added to the Pathway Presenter so it had completely slipped my mind.


I will be holding a webinar next week to internal alpha testers of the Pathway Presenter. The webinar will serve to present the alpha testers my work and give a brief demonstration of how to use the Pathway Presenter, before asking them to test and provide feedback. It has been decided that this will be a purely internal affair and a public beta release will occur in the near future after any bugs/feature requests from this alpha phase have been resolved.

Final Testing

I have tested the Pathway Presenter amongst a suite of browsers using BrowserStack. The browser list is as follows:

  • IE11
  • IE10
  • Edge 15
  • Edge 14
  • Chrome 60
  • Chrome 55
  • FF55
  • FF46
  • Safari 9.1
  • Safari 10.1

Testing all of these browsers took a fair deal of time and resolving all the bugs that I found took more time still. It's boring work but must be done for the Pathway Presenter to be a useful tool to a wide community. I did find bugs in all browsers except Chrome (Chrome for the win). I have resolved almost all of these bugs with a few carefully selected polyfills and shims. However, IE10 and Safari 9.1 are still not working :(.

The bug in IE 10 is this one in React Joyride, the package used to present the nice onboarding tutorial. Despite integrating the suggested fix into the codebase, the issue is still not resolved.

The Safari 9.1 bug is actually a part of Pvjs, not Pathway Presenter so I created an issue on GitHub. The problem is down to the v1 custom element spec's use of ES6 classes and the fact that Pvjs is transpiled from ES6 to ES5. I have used this polyfill so theoretically, that shouldn't be an issue. But, it clearly is in Safari 9.1. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon but after a few hours of trying to figure it out, I still haven't been able to resolve it.

Automated Testing

In my last post, I wrote about automatically testing with BrowserStack Automate and how I wasn't able to get a local server set up in BrowserStacks cloud. I emailed the BrowserStack team to get some help on this and they have sent me some helpful links. I'll be working on it this week since it will be a useful addition to the suite of testing tools that WikiPathways has.

Final post

Since next Monday is the final day of GSoC, this week I'll be writing a final post here on my blog. The aim of the post is to serve as an outline as to why and how I developed the Pathway Presenter. If another developer was going to start working on the Pathway Presenter, this post will be where they start.

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