GSoC Week 3: Designing the Editor Interface

This post is a little late due to a lack of internet on Friday and then a lack of memory on Saturday. My apologies.

The objective

This week I began designing the editor interface for the Pathway Presenter. The intention is to have a UI that allows users to easily perform manipulations (pan, zoom, highlight, & hide) on diagram entities by simply clicking on them and using a form. This is unlike MetabMaster where the user must search for a diagram entity and then use the Kaavio-flavoured Markdown syntax to generate interactive links.

Pathway story creation in MetabMaster Interactive link creation in MetabMaster. Users use the "search for pathway element box" to find the ID, which is then used in the Kaavio-flavoured Markdown.

The (unfinished) result

A preview of the slides is shown in the bottom panel along with a side-panel that is used to add manipulations and content (only a title for now) to slides. By clicking on a diagram entity, the user can select which manipulations to perform and add it.

Next steps

As you can see in the GIF, there is an error that occurs when a manipulated node is added - the manipulation is performed incorrectly. The behaviour should be that the diagram is updated with the manipulation as the user adds them. Currently, there is no support for adding slides (the add button does nothing), and the data is not persisted. All these will hopefully be resolved next week :)

Jacob Windsor

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