Where to start... Hmm...

It's the start(ish) of a new year and so I have decided to venture into the bewildering world of social media and self-promotion. I have been contemplating starting a blog for a few months now but tonight the time has come. As with many other bloggers, this seems like the perfect medium to splurge my thoughts, enjoy some self-indulgence, and write posts I can refer others to so that I can live a DRY-life.

I don't know where to start yet but I have a few interesting projects running at the moment. In the near future, you'll find posts on web-dev stuff (Angular, Django), bioinformatics, and musings on open science, design practices and anything I find interesting.

Fijne dag nog!

Jacob Windsor

Likes creative computer-based stuff. Web, Science, Typography, Graphics... Trying to combine too many interests into something coherent.

Maastricht, Netherlands