For your convenience, you may download my full CV here. An overview of my experience is available on my CV. Below you can see examples of the design work I have carried out as well as other programming-type work.


The InnBetween

Concocted the brand guidelines, crafted multiple event posters, and forged promotional materials from raw binary materials.

Open Mic Poster
tafelen banner
Business Card Front
Business Card Back
Talent Show Poster

Connect Festival

Formed the logo, weaved the promotional material for two consecutive years, developed the brand image, and loved doing it.

Connect Festival Flyer Front
Connect Festival Fluer Back


MetabMaster (thesis)

I carried out my bachelor thesis at the BiGCaT (bioinformatics) department of Maastricht University. The aim of the project was to improve WikiPathways' educational capabilities through "pathway stories". You can read the full thesis on Figshare here. To demonstate "pathway stories" before they are integrated into WikiPathways, I created a quick demo application (dubbed MetabMaster) using Angular, which you can play with here.

Pathway Presenter (Google Summer of Code

Following on from my thesis work, I successfully completed the Google Summer of Code by creating a WikiPathways "Pathway Presenter". The tool allows biologists to create presentations of biological pathways, allowing for an intuitive explanation of pathways within a lecture format. The user interface was built using React and the Material design concepts. You can play with the alpha version here.

PubChem Ranker

I made this one for a project at the Maastricht Science Programme. In a small group, we were tasked with finding the origins and function of thousands of volatile organic compounds. To make our lives easier, I hopped in and made this quick tool which ranks the long list of compounds we were given by the amount of "hits" on PubChem. This made our lives much easier since we didn't have to bother with the ones that had little or no literature available.

I wrote it in Python and used the Flask web application framework (and a dash of Bootstrap) so that the rest of my non-techy group could use it. Check it out on Github here.

InnBetween maintenance

I currently maintain the site for The InnBetween. Pretty simple stuff. Just Wordpress and the like.

FluxEngine post-processing tools

This one was for another project at the Maastricht Science Programme. I can't actually share the code with you yet since its not open-sourced at the moment.

Anyways, FluxEngine is an open-source tool used for computing the global ocean flux for many variables such as carbon dioxide. This kind of stuff is crucial for environmental science research.

In our project, we were seeing if FluxEngine could be used to predict future climates. It can't, but that's besides the point. I, and the help of some trustee partners, made a bunch of tools to help us out with statistics and the like. Everything was written in MATLAB.

Science brah!

You likey? Me worky.

Shoot me an email to Alternatively, I am only a tweet away via @jcbwndsr.